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What is New Paradigm Branding?

New Paradigm Branding is a term that I created to describe the kind of branding that goes completely against the normal definition of branding and marketing.

Here’s the deal:

I don’t believe in manipulating the masses into buying your products and services.

I don’t believe in setting an exact target audience and only speaking to that audience.


I don’t believe in making yourself FIT your target audience.

I believe in the beautiful process of embodying your purpose and radiating it in absolutely everything you do. YOUR energy is what attracts your clients. YOUR energetic DNA is the magnetic pull between you and the people who need you. That’s what we are here for, right? Being of service to those who need some of our unique magic.

Yeah, sure… I can feel the eye roll of the typical “brand and marketing guru” from all the way over here and that’s okay. I don’t cater to that paradigm.

I cater to the New Paradigm:

The ones that put people before profit.

The one’s who do what they do because they have risen to the call of their name (not because it makes 6 figures).

The ones with a heart to serve. The ones who’s energies radiate. 

I’m here to create New Paradigm Brands….

for a New Paradigm world.